POLAGROUP is a growing group of companies specializing in 4 Strategic Business Group: Construction, Industrial, Oil & Gas - Energy, and Distribution. Starting with one company in 1983, POLAGROUP has grown into a group of 16 companies. POLAGROUP's companies are the market leader or are considered the Top Five companies in their field. Several principals represented by our growing group of companies include PERI Formwork & Scaffolding, Sulair Compressor USA, and Comtech.

Since the beginning, POLAGROUP has the vision to locally manufacture the products they sell. (Through a transfer of knowledge and technology from our principals,) our Research & Development team continuously challenge existing designs to innovate products which fulfills the local market's needs. Their ISO 9000 and HSE certified manufacturing facility and repair and maintenance workshop supports their R&D activities and constantly pushes their capabilities to be more competitive in the business, domestically for both private & government projects, and internationally.

POLAGROUP is in cooperation with 40+ principals from 15 countries, comprises of more than 1,400 employees, and operates in 40+ offices including a manufacturing plant and warehouses all over Indonesia. With all combined, POLAGROUP has been acknowledged as a growing group of companies that meets the specific needs of professionals in the industries. dengan fasilitas manufaktur, perawatan dan perbaikan yang lengkap dan juga lulus sertifikasi ISO 9000 dan HSE demi menunjang keberhasilan bisnis yang semakin kompetitif di proyek pemerintah dan swasta.

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