PT Pembangunan Perumahan held a Health Safety Environment (HSE) forum for their project team at Grand Kamala Lagoon, Bekasi on November 21, 2018. One of the speakers invited was Dr. Ir. Wiryanto Dewobroto, MT, member of the Construction Safety Committee and The PUPR ministry. During this forum he delivered a topic regarding safety of scaffolding application in construction projects.

At this event, Beton Perkasa was invited as the formwork and scaffolding practitioner. Represented by Edy Daryaka as the Regional Manager of Civil, Infrastructure and Industrial Segment, Beton Perkasa presented the use and application of PERI Up scaffolding both in theory and practice.

Beton Perkasa would like to give its highest appreciation for PT Pembangunan Perumahan, especially to its HSE team for the opportunity to participate in this forum.

Beton Perkasa 35th: Beton Amazing Race

Did we mention that along with Pola Group’s 35th anniversary, it is also Beton Perkasa’s 35th anniversary? As one of the founding subsidiaries of Pola Group, our company have journeyed through 35 years of experience in the construction industry. To celebrate this milestone, the management of Beton Perkasa and the event committee planned a series of CSR programs to give back to the community surrounding our location and all of the events held led up to the final anniversary event. This peak event was curated as a fun anniversary event held simultaneously on March 31st, in all our fourteen areas located throughout Indonesia from the islands of big islands of Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Java, to Bali and Batam. It was crucial that the event was held simultaneously and on March 31st, because that is the exact date the company was established.

Through this peak event, the committee hopes to deliver a meaningful message through a series of exciting team building activities and challenges. The committee used the concept of the Amazing Race and each area was free to choose their own type of Amazing Race event. Through the Beton Amazing Race, all participants were seen working together and proactively helping each other to win the competition. The event was conducted to create a positive change in the character, mindset, and perspective of every participant, to strengthen our sense of togetherness, openness, tolerance and sensitivity towards others, and to spark a new team spirit within our Beton Perkasa community.

All in all, the events were a success, and everyone enjoyed it even if we were all greeted by the rain at the end!

Happy 35th Anniversary, Pola Group and Beton Perkasa!

Scroll through the photo galleries below to view our various interpretation of the Beton Amazing Race.

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