PT Pembangunan Perumahan held a Health Safety Environment (HSE) forum for their project team at Grand Kamala Lagoon, Bekasi on November 21, 2018. One of the speakers invited was Dr. Ir. Wiryanto Dewobroto, MT, member of the Construction Safety Committee and The PUPR ministry. During this forum he delivered a topic regarding safety of scaffolding application in construction projects.

At this event, Beton Perkasa was invited as the formwork and scaffolding practitioner. Represented by Edy Daryaka as the Regional Manager of Civil, Infrastructure and Industrial Segment, Beton Perkasa presented the use and application of PERI Up scaffolding both in theory and practice.

Beton Perkasa would like to give its highest appreciation for PT Pembangunan Perumahan, especially to its HSE team for the opportunity to participate in this forum.

Countdown to 35 years of POLAGROUP

In December 2017, to kick-off the countdown to our 35th anniversary, all of our employees from all over Indonesia made their own rendition of a creative photo with the POLA logo.

The POLA logo symbolizes 1) how our group with all its members will use innovation to grow together as a team; 2) the inspiration we convey to our surrounding because of the blessings we receive. In other words, as we grow together and better ourselves as a team, we are also reminded to inspire and benefit others through our work here in Indonesia and every place else we are blessed to take part of.

In reference to our logo, the creative photo session was chosen as a team activity to promote togetherness and kinship in diversity, while kicking off the countdown to POLAGROUP's 35th Anniversary.

The photo was taken by each area office and at least 350 people participated in the photo session at the Head Office in Cikupa. Even other areas with a limited number of staff, kept a high team spirit and participated by making their version of the POLA logo.

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