Since mid 2017, Beton Perkasa has conducted trainings regarding formwork and scaffolding product knowledge, in their Training Center at Cikupa, Tangerang.

The training is not only for Beton Perkasa’s employees, but also for customers to increase the knowledge of their Field Supervisors, Engineers and Foremen. After the training sessions, they can expect their team to be more professional in handling formwork and scaffolding systems, especially products from Beton Perkasa and PERI.

Our Training Center is equipped with facilities such as an Exhibition Hall, Training Classroom and Application Practice area, which help users understand the product both in theory and practice.

We are continuously developing our Training Center to be able to open classes for more customers and partners, formwork applicators, and university students.

Collaboration Program of Beton Perkasa and Formwork Applicator

Since it was established 35 years ago, Beton Perkasa always focuses to create collaboration related to the founder's mission to empower and develop healthy and profitable business.

In 2018, BetonPerkasa with some reputable collegues held training program for college/university students and lecturers. The purpose of the program is to introduce BetonPerkasa to the public especially college student so there are many people know more about BetonPerkasa. The other purpose is to increase knowledge of college student about application of formwork product and scaffolding.

This commitment of BetonPerkasa continues in 2019. Formwork applicator and Foreman were invited to open house of BetonPerkasa office in Cikupa and Pandaan. There were knowledge and experience sharing,and discussion on opportunity that will be possible to be made in the future.

We reached an agreement to make mutual relationship in the future such as sharing on project information.

As pioneer in formwork and scaffolding in Indonesia, BetonPerkasa agrees and commit to support knowldge of the applicator by joining training centre of BetonPerkasa (certified training).

This collaboration is expected to open opportunities to improve more of BetonPerkasa and applicator its best performance.

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